Asking For a Dentist In a Foreign Language

25 Jan Asking For a Dentist In a Foreign Language

Written By Timothy Conway – Age 13

Foreign language learning is a wonderful tool and to learn how to master a language you’ve always dreamed of learning. Whether English is your first language or not foreign language training is both fun and beneficial in many ways. For example, it could boost your prospective job opportunities by noting you are bilingual on your resume. This article was actually conceived during a trip overseas where a member of our group desperately needed a dentist. Because we learned this country’s language, we rose to the occasion!

dentistLearning a foreign language, unlike learning a language at school is a lot different for adults. Modules, classes, and lessons are given with the knowledge that the student is an adult who might be working full time and does not necessarily have the time to dedicate a number of hours to it. But why would anyone want to take their time to learn a foreign language? The benefits are numerous, apart from being able to add it your resume it is also helpful when traveling and are in desperate need of a dentist! Just think… you will be able to ask for whatever services you may need using the skills gained from learning a foreign language.

Then are there also the psychological and cognitive benefits that may help you make a decision to enroll in foreign language class. Studies have shown that by learning a new language that your first language is improved while your memory is also improved. The science behind it is that the more your brain is used the better it functions. In addition, learning another language may open one’s mind up to other cultures and religions. When learning a new language and you hear it being authentically spoken, you naturally want to use the language you are being taught. Even if it is something as lame as asking for the dentist!

But it’s not only about the fun stuff. When you learn a foreign language, doors can open for you in many other ways. In a global business world, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to communicate with business associates in places afar. Learning a new language and using slightly in a presentation could help you “seal the deal.”

Additionally, including a language under your set of skills on a resume could be beneficial for your career. Although your position does not require it for to perform the job duties, simply having it as a skill set it simply sets you apart from other candidates. Also consider that those working in the service industry, whether as a dentist, nurse or call center agent, being able to learn a foreign language will aid you during an encounter with a patient or customer. By speaking three or four languages you will be able to better service the customers in your industry and help them a lot quicker. It also prevents you from getting frustrated when you can’t understand what your clients want.
All in all being able to learn a foreign language means you can open your mind and memory, learn something new and create better opportunities for yourself. And, of course, be able to show off in foreign where you can speak the language.

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