Dentist In Cocoa Beach Florida Learns a New Language for his Patients

10 Feb Dentist In Cocoa Beach Florida Learns a New Language for his Patients

A true and dedicated health care professional is someone who can take care of his patients regardless of age, gender, religion, belief, and ethnicity. As healthcare is virtually for everyone, it becomes all the more important for healthcare professionals to learn more about the implications of transculturalism in the practice of their profession. For example, a dentist should not only be able provide exemplary dental services to English-speaking American-born Florida citizens; he should also be able to provide the same level of quality oral and dental health care to other individuals who may speak another tongue.

dentists in cocoa beach learn a new languageWhile many may be averse to learning different languages, Dr. Keith Vevera, a Cocoa Beach dentist (, considers studying other languages as particularly important in his practice of dentistry. This is because more than 1 out of 5 residents in Cocoa Beach are Latinos or Hispanics whose English may not be that impeccable. And while no one can really coerce these individuals to learn the English language, Dr. Vevera has taken it up upon himself to learn the language in order to be able to provide better dental and oral health care for the Latino or Hispanic population.

With more than a quarter of a century practicing dentistry, Dr. Vevera prides himself of being able to provide a whole range of quality dental and oral health services that include general and restorative dentistry. He also recognizes the value of having pearly white teeth on the improvement of one’s self-esteem and self-confidence that he has sought to specialize as well in cosmetic dentistry. He and his team at his clinic have been perfecting their craft for many years now in an effort to provide the residents in the community the kind of teeth that they can really be proud of.

Dr. Vevera and his team of dental clinic professionals place emphasis on the alleviation of anxiety and the establishment of trust between them and their clients as a necessary step in successfully completing any dental or oral health procedure. This is imperative because the experiences one has with just a single session of dental procedure can already affect his attitude towards general dental and oral health. This is why Dr. Vevera will always make sure to communicate well with his patients even before he starts the procedure.

And with a new learned language, Dr. Vevera is much more confident that he can serve other local residents and not only the English-speaking ones. This is how this dentist in Cocoa Beach is trying to improve the delivery of dental and oral care so that everyone – regardless of language – can benefit from his services.

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