Light of the World Charities Helps Those In Need of Dental Care

30 Aug Light of the World Charities Helps Those In Need of Dental Care

LOTWC, also known as Light of the World Charities, is a charity organization formed in 1999 in Palm City, Florida by co-founders Father Bernard Powell and Theresa Banks. Originally, their vision was to be facilitators in enabling missionary teams to travel to distant countries and provide surgical and medical support to those in need. Their goal was to provide a lasting change in health care that would help impoverished and underprivileged people to rebuild their lives and pave a brighter way to the future. Over time, others joined the cause and eventually LOTWC grew until they had over 400 medical and non-medical volunteers who devoted their time and resources to those that needed it, in the US and in foreign countries. While the original goal was to help people overseas, they eventually realized that there were many that needed assistance domestically in the U.S as well. With this in mind, their Capital Campaign was launched in 2016 and is titled “Shining the Light”. Its primary purpose is to raise funds which will enable them to launch new community services, expand their facilities, and keep up with the growing demand for Light of the World Charities’ services.

Professionals, To Arms!

Light of The World CharityLOTWC is in need of your assistance. They are actively searching for donators and sponsors for some of their upcoming projects. If you can your resources, these gifts to the campaign will definitely make a big difference in helping our patients. Even if you cannot commit in terms of finances, the mission can use your help in other ways as well. Running the organization on a day-to-day basis in an efficient and orderly manner takes a certain measure of discipline, and they are in need of manpower to assist with administrative and clerical tasks. Whether you are a fast typist, skilled with medical transcription, are a licensed surgeon, can help with warehouse packing, can keep inventory or stock, or good with computer programming and website designing, Light of the World Charities has a place for you.

Fill that empty feeling in your heart and help someone out today. Your compassion and generosity is needed and appreciated.

Dentist In Palm Beach Gardens Mark Civin Helps

Palm Beach Gardens Dentist Mark L. Civin DDS has offered dentistry help since 2010. If you’re a licensed or professional surgeon, dentist, or hygienist, your services are in high demand at Light of the World Charities. Many patients enter the doors of their clinics every day, and most of these are in desperate need of dental care and surgeries. Many patients are unable to find work as employers are turning them down due to the fact that they have health issues and cannot perform manual labor and pose health risks. By helping these patients, the charity group gives hope to the patients and assures them that even for a person with the most debilitating disease or health problem, hope is never too far away. All it takes is one step in the right direction, and with enough help and support, anything becomes possible to make a change.

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